4 Tips for Staying Safe During a Demolition Project

Posted on: 16 October 2020

Every building has an expected design life, and when the useful life ends, the structure becomes unsafe for living. It is important to demolish such buildings to create space that can be reused. Demolition work involves knocking down a building or part of a load-bearing structure. Health and safety are a priority when handling demolition projects in Australia. Therefore, you have to know the proper ways to keep yourself and your workers safe when demolishing a building.

1. Practice Caution Around Asbestos

In some states, demolishing a building that still has asbestos could lead to penalties. The fine particles found in asbestos could lead to serious damage to the lungs when inhaled. The first step for asbestos removal is getting a permit, but it is always best to call in professional asbestos removers to ensure no mistakes are made in the process.

A single error when removing asbestos could pose a health risk to anyone in and around the demolition site. Therefore, you should not take chances with the DIY removal of asbestos.

2. Research Demolition Regulations

Every jurisdiction has its rules on how to handle demolition safely. Therefore, check with the local authorities to find out what you should or shouldn't do. Working around the set demolition safety rules will prevent you from facing costly fines and putting people at risk. You can also hire demolition experts, as they are always up-to-date with the safety regulations.

3. Put on Protective Equipment

Every worker in the demolition site should have the proper safety equipment at all the time. Take the time to train the workers on the equipment and safety gear they should have throughout the demolition. Every worker should put on safety glasses and a hard hat to protect the head and a visibility vest, gloves and hard boots to protect the rest of the body. Ensure that every worker on the site understands the proper fittings, maintenance and storage of their protective gear.

4. Pick Up Waste as You Go On

A good rule to follow during demolition is to pick up waste as the work continues to keep the site clean and reduce safety hazards. Renting a skip bin will offer an affordable and convenient way of getting rid of debris. You can also hire expert hauling services to ensure proper disposal of the waste from the demolition.

It is vital to plan and put proper safety measures in place before you start demolishing. Follow these safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries as the work continues. You can also leave the work to the demolition experts since they have the skills and equipment required for the job. Professional demolishers will also follow the proper safety measures throughout the demolition project.